How Long Does it Take?

Screen printing jobs are completed in approximately 7-14 working days from completion of approved artwork and final sizes. If you need a rush, please ask.  Due to the nature and complexity of special orders, different variables can cause jobs to take longer.  We strive to complete all orders in a timely manner. 

Your price is higher / lower than _____. Why?

A great many factors can make our price higher or lower than a price you received from another screen printing company. We use a tried and proven method of calculating our prices that gives the customer a great value while allowing us to maintain our company. Very often, when our price differs significantly from a competitor, we are not quoting on the same thing. Make sure that both parties are giving you the same garment and the same printing. If their price is still significantly lower you want to pay close attention to the following:

- Make sure that they are offering the same brand and weight of shirt or one of equal quality. Not all screen printers will automatically give you the best garment for your money. Some may even use "seconds".

-Make sure that they have included all charges in the quote. Often, you will be hit with a confusing array of charges that must be added on before you get a final price.

-Ask for a sample of their work. This allows you to see the quality of their print and also tests their customer service commitment. Service, after all, is what sets a company apart.

-Ask for references. See if their clients are happy with the company.

Our price could be much lower for several reasons:

-The other company may have a sudo-monopoly in a small town.

-They could have much higher overhead in a big city.

-You might be working with a middle man that pays someone else to print the order and passes on the cost - plus mark-up - to you.

Can you beat this other screen printer’s price?

Due to many variables involved with screen printing, it is almost impossible to know the answer to this question as a blanket answer.  We strive to be competitive on our pricing, but without seeing artwork and knowing what it is exactly you need it is hard to say Yes.  Our pricing is upfront.  We do not add hidden charges for artwork etc.  Depending on complexity of your job our price list will give you the UP FRONT cost.  There are a lot of printers out there that will quote a price and add charges later.  We take pride in the fact that the quality of our garments and end product is well worth the couple of extra dollars you may pay to use our company.  In the end you must ask yourself the question, What do I want?  Quality and customer service or price and substandard product.  Give us a try and let us prove you made the right choice to use our company.  Let us make your experience and garments the best possible.

 Refer to "What is your "No hidden charges policy? below.


Is There a Minimum Order?

Under 12 can get expensive. We recommened 12 pieces on custom orders.   You may mix garment types i.e. t-shirts,  hoodies, long sleeve and short sleeve to meet the minimums  If you need less than 12, please let us know, email or call, we will try to accommodate your requirements.


How much will it cost?

Please Call or email us! We'll get you a custom quote for your order. For screen printing the cost depends on the number of colors used on the garment, the number of imprint locations (Front & back), the type of garment and the product.


What kind of artwork do I need to provide for screen printing?

Artwork Information:

You can provide your logo or design artwork in a variety of ways from a printed image, even a sketch. The difference is how much it will cost and how long it will take to be ready to produce your garments. Sketched artwork takes the longest and may incur artwork charges to make it screen printable.  Once finished artwork will be provided in a computer file format as either Finished Artwork, Rough Artwork, or in a Printed Format and must be signed off on prior to continuing with printing. If you just have an idea, call us, we can design it for you. Artwork provided in 300dpi is best for screen printing.

Finished Artwork Types:

- Encapsulated Postscript (.eps)
- ADOBE Illustrator (.ai)
Rough Artwork Types:

- ADOBE Acrobat (.pdf)
- ADOBE Photoshop (.psd)
- Graphics Interchange Format (.gif)
- Joint Photgraphics Experts Group (.jpeg)
- Tagged Image File Format (.tif)
- Windows Bitmap (.bmp)

Printed Format Types:

- Paper or Film
- Image at specified size (max 8.5" x 14")
- Right Reading, Positive
- Minimum Resolution 360 dpi
- Composites Only (no separated or keyline)


What Colors Can I Use?

We have a selection of stock colors to choose from and thousands of Pantone colors available which are commonly used in the graphics industry.  If you require an exact match a sample of that color must be provided and may add time to production.

Can and how do I reorder?

Custom job screens are kept. If a reorder is needed, you would just need to email or call in your additional order and we will be happy to assist. Your films are also kept on file and contain all your information regarding ink colors, type of garment and quantity for an exact repeat to allow for simple additional orders. If quantity or color changes are needed, that don’t require a screen change, please be sure and note that in your email or inform us prior to authorization of your reorder.  The set-up fee is only $10.00 per screen.

When do I pay?

Most orders we require payment upon pick up. Some new orders require at least a 50% deposit when the order is placed and the balance due on pickup or delivery.  We accept cash, or credit card. Checks are accepted upon approval.


What is your "No hidden Charges" policy?


"No Hidden Charges" means exactly that - no "hidden" charges or fees will be tacked onto the price we quote you. Often, screen printing companies will give you a quote that seems low on a per shirt basis, but they then tack on charges for any number of things. You may get one price for the garment, another for the printing, with additional charges for artwork, set-up, screens, etc. When all this is added together, your final bill is much higher, and what seemed a good deal is anything but.

When we quote a price, we include all costs, charges and fees associated with the order in one simple strait forward price. We include all of the following:

- Garment

- Printing

- Artwork

- Screens

- Set-up

- Flashing

- Regular UPS Ground Shipping

Here's an example of our "No Hidden Charges" policy vs. a competitor's confusing quote:           This is just and example and does NOT reflect and actual quote.



We do however charge extra for certain services that are not common to every order:

-Color changes on press (i.e. some shirts print red ink some print blue)

-Rush orders where we have less than 3 days to complete the order.

-We are able to ship if needed upon request.


Why must I approve the design?

We require every customer to approve all designs before they are printed because we want them to be completely satisfied with their final product. We make every effort to create your custom design correctly the first time, but we want you to make any changes you feel are necessary before we begin printing your order. Please make sure that you check every detail of your design - especially spelling - before you approve it. Once the design is approved we cannot be responsible for errors on the final product that were on the approved artwork.


Can I return an item?

Because the shirts we print are generally custom made for each order, we do not accept returns unless we make a mistake on the order. If we do make a mistake, we will gladly re-print your order or discount your invoice.


How do I check the status of my order?

You can call or email us and we will be glad to update you on our progress. If your order has already shipped, you'll receive an email with the tracking number(s) for your package(s). If email is unavailable, please call and we will track the package(s) for you and let you know the details.


Do you have a store front?

Yes, stop in!



Can I supply my own shirts or do I have to order them through you?

We have a huge selection for you to choose from, but if you find something you prefer best and we don't offer it, we will gladly offer it for you. When providing your own clothes please note that we not responsible if something was to happen to it during printing or embroidery.